2018 I found myself leaving teaching IT at high school to return to University. My last 5 years I went on a rollercoaster ride through various levels of the Netherlands educational system. Now I have returned back to teach at University. The school, the program and the opportunity couldn’t be better.



Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen

First of all, it’s called “HAN”. What self respecting Star Wars fan wouldn’t want to work there?

Teaching Game Design and Applied Game Design takes the majority of my hours, which is right up my wheelhouse. I have been giving a kickoff workshop to the Game students at the HAN for a number of years, so it was already a place I knew pretty well.

This is a game that was recently done by the HAN students.

This is a game that was recently done by the HAN students.

Now the really fun part gets to begin as my colleagues and I push forward in developing the best Serious Game Design course in Europe. I have already seen the amazing talent these HAN students have in the first couple semesters. I am really looking forward to how they solve the challenges we will be throwing at them over the coming years. I’m positive you will see some game changing projects coming from the HAN. The force is strong with this team.

If you want to see more about the school and college, and are thinking of applying for the course, here is a link.